Selling a Westfalia??... talk to the VW Guys for a good OFFER in Cowichan Bay, British Columbia for sale


hello Joseph & Zach here,
Why sell your 70's VW Westfalia camper van to this enthusiastic father & son ?
We really love these vans. We love restoring VW campers to pass on for someone else's family Adventures... it's in the family bones - my Dad had a 1960 Beetle, then a 1973 bus from Speedway Motors.
1. We pay fair, good, top dollar, for a satisfying & easy sale.
Because a decent van is good for restoration work, so we are willing to pay fair/top dollar for your bus - that's why!
2. We show up when we say we will.
3. We are polite, straight in our dealings (good karma) & love VW on-the-road stories.
4. You can have our tickets for the Mars One excursion to, yes you guessed it, Mars [... just kiddin' on that one].
5. You don't have to deal with tire kickers, test pilots, dreamers or time wasters, & we don't have to talk to the neighbour's dog, borrow money from Uncle Guido or get anyone's permission. We'll simply make a deal!
6. We will make the decision on the spot & pay the same day. If we do not buy your Westie, no hard feelings - we are happy to give advice on how to find a buyer for your price.
If you are thinking of selling, or know anyone who is, please contact us today. We love working on VW campers.
We work as a non-profit - making work available for: a lad with severe disability, recovering addict (2.7 years clean, whoo !) & a war refugee - the boys together learn to work hard & smart - in pursuit of the simple life, we collectively pour our love & guts into the work... come & meet our zany crew, we really love VW vans.
We have excellent references, just ask. If you are looking for a van, that's cool - please give us a call today!
Our purchasing price range: 5000-19000... [we 'grew up' in the bus my dad bought when he came to Canada... before I knew about having to change my underwear once a week or about not pulling a girl's hair if you want to talk to her... ]
Check out our family (hippies with office) business here...
If you forward your phone #, we are pleased to call you back... we have a land line, so DON'T text - we're just olde skool, please include your PHONE #.
Peace out, Joseph, Zach & VW boys
'... if the Adventure is not now, then when ?!'

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